Frequently asked question

Q:  What are the requirements for adopting? 

A:   We require all pets in the home be spayed/neutered and current on vaccines. As well as we will need a vet reference( if you currently or recently owned a pet) as well as proof of home ownership or lease agreement with pet policy to approve you for adoption. 

Q: If I apply to adopt a certain dog/cat does that mean I am guaranteed to adopt that pet?

A:  No. Due to our no hold policy,  We continue to process and approve applications until the pet has officially been adopted 

Q:  I have sent my application in, how long until I know I am approved for adoption? 

A:  Typically it can take 1-2 business days. Please check your email frequently as once we receive the application we will email you back asking for proof of homeownership or your lease agreement with pet policy 

Q:  What is considered proof of homeownership?

A:  Proof of home ownership would be property tax paperwork, house deed, etc. A copy of your electric bill is not proof that you own the home. It is proof your pay your electric bill


Q:  How do you pick an adopter if multiple applications come in for the same dog/cat? 

A:  Once someone is approved for adoption we give them the option to adopt the pet they are interested in. If they would like to set up a meet greet we are completely okay with that but we continue to accept approve applications until the pet is officially adopted.   We do recommend setting up a meet and greet for as soon as you and the foster can coordinate a meeting 

Q:  I have just brought my pet home, they are acting scared and not like they did in their foster home,what do I do? 

A:  Typically pets can take a few weeks to adjust to their new home, give them time to adjust. They don't understand why they have been moved from one place to another. 


Q:  Do you allow approved adopters to do trial periods with pets to make sure they are a good fit? 

A:  Typically we do not allow trial periods with pets as it confuses them if they are in one foster home, moved to a new place and then moved again. We recommend if you want to find the right "fit" for your family you consider fostering 

Q:  What if I rent from a family/friend and I don't have an actual lease? 

A:  We will need a written (and signed) statement from them allowing a pet into the home as well as proof that they own the home. 

Q:  What do I do if I'm a first time pet owner for a vet reference? 

A:  We recommend you research vets in your area that will give your pets the best care and stay within your budget. 

Q:  What happens if I have been approved for adoption and the foster family thinks the dog/cat will not be a good fit for my home? 

A:  Our fosters have the pets within their homes and know them the best. If they believe for whatever reason that a certain pet will not be a good fit for your family, we will honor that. That does not mean you can't adopt, it just means you can't adopt THAT pet.

Q:  What happens if I adopt a dog/cat and can no longer keep it? 

A:  We understand things happen, and you may no longer be able to keep your pet. All of our pets adopted from this rescue must be returned to Unleashed Love Pet Rescue. Since we are entirely foster based, we need 10 business days to find a new foster home. 

Q:  If I return a pet do I get the adoption fee back? 

A:  No. The adoption fee is non-refundable. The adoption fee we charged are used to care for not only the pet you adopted but other pets within the rescue. All adoption fees are put directly back into the rescue and are final .


I have adopted a pet and am picking it up today, what do I need?

A:  If you have adopted a dog you will need a Leash and a collar. If you have adopted a cat you will need a cat carrier. 

Q: I have adopted a dog/cat and I am told I can't bring it home for a week,why is that?

A:  We do not allow any pets to leave our rescue until all of their vetting has been done. Depending on our vets schedule, it could be 1-2 weeks until your pet is officially ready to go home